Different types of lipstick

5 Different types of lipstick you should know about!

I didn’t know what is a matte lipstick till my college. I am pretty sure there are plenty of girls out there who are as confused as I was about the different types of lipsticks and which one to use when.

Lipsticks are a part of our daily life, but little do we know about them. There are a lot of them available in the market, each with different effects and characteristics but we don’t know exactly what is the difference between them. There is much more to buying the right lipstick which is not just limited to finding the right colour. The texture and foundation play an important role to find that perfect one for you. Well, this article is all about to take your lipstick game up.

Here I have described the five different types of lipsticks available in the market for your every occasion. Go read ahead to know what’s your kind of lipstick and be ready to enter the world of perfect pouts.

1) Matte Lipstick:  The thing about them is they do not have a shiny or glossy look on your lips because they are made with more wax and less oil. They give a pure colour and a smooth and even texture to your lips. The reason they win overall is because of their longevity but make you prime with a moisturizer or a lip balm before applying them so as to avoid too much dryness.  The best thing about them is they are pretty good in hiding the pigmentation or patch that might be there on your lips. They look their best in dark shades

E.g., Nykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick

2) Gloss: This is the most eye-catching of all. They give a glass-like finish. These are perfect for those with thin lips and are worn in nude, sheer or flesh tones mostly. These lighter shades add a youthful glow to a day time look, and at the same time, you are definitely getting the well-deserved attention in the after-hour parties with them on your lips.

E.g., Lakme Absolute Plump And Shine Lip Gloss

3) Satin or Sheer: This a great choice for everyday wear. They are neither too creamy nor too dry. This is excellent for someone with dry lips. These are enriched with moisturizing oils so that your lips don’t remain dry. The good thing is they blend very easily with others so you can experiment a lot with lip colours. The not so good thing about them is they do not stay for long, need a retouch every 4-5 hours

Eg. Krayons Sheer Matte Lipstick

4) Creamy: A cousin of Sheer lipsticks, halfway between the matte and gloss. They are effortless to apply with a gliding flow. They give a pop of shine, but at the same time, do not require retouch again and again. Women with small lips should use cream lipsticks. These are perfect for colder climates as they tend to melt in hot, humid conditions and do not forget to keep them in the fridge during the summer to retain their consistency and prevent breakage.

e.g. Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-less Creme Lipstick, Colorbar Creme Touch Lip Color

5) Stain: They are all about colour with minimal shine. They are the best if you are expecting a long working day and at the same time catching up with friends later because of their excellent long-lasting quality.

E.g.: , E.l.f. Cosmetics Moisturizing Lip Tint With Spf

Then, of course, there are lip liners which are often used to define the shape of the lips. You can also use a lip liner as strong colour and simply fill in the lip and top with a colour or gloss coat.

I hope now you know what are the best options for you. Go ahead and flaunt your perfect pout with your perfect lipstick. Do let me know your feedback on this article in the comments or here. Also, read here if you are a beginner and looking for the must-have beauty products guide.

Happy pouting 🙂

5 different types of lipstick
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