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Top 9 forever fashion styles

Fashion is changing every day! The change in trend and fashion styles have been rapid due to the constant amount of innovations going around but certain trends are forever. There has been a constant effort being put to make one look smart and better. We feel powerful and confident when we are in our favorite pair of clothes. You know even the people who say that they don’t care about clothes tends to choose clothes every morning that says a lot about them and how they feel.

What are the different fashion styles?


It is one of the most sought after fashion styles as of now. It is usually something that is very comfy and yet very smart. People misunderstand and think casual styles are laid back but in no way, it means that. It is just that you are relaxed as well as carry a sense of elegance with your clothing. If this is your style, you would prefer to put on a white T-Shirt and black pants over tight and uncomfortable exotics any day and match it with simple accessories.

Casual fashion style


If you are an exotic dresser, people look forward to your dressing in every event. It is not just limited to clothes, it is more than that. A hairstyle, make-up, jewellery everything matters. Vibrant and smoky colours, intricate embroidery, mysterious prints and shiny & standing out jewellery are your favourites.

Exotic fashion style


Bright colours, loud prints and a lot of colours. This type of style carries a lot of enthusiasm and energy with it. Whoever follows this style makes sure to choose colours that stand out your personality like the hot pink, purple, mustard, yellow. It is something that relates to being casual in a not so casual way.

Vibrant fashion style


This style basically originates from prep students in North-eastern America but is well adopted over the globe. This is the term for girls who still pull off that college look beautifully. Comfortable pants, chinos, khakis, polo t-shirt, sneakers are your go-to piece of clothing with cute accessories like hair bands and matching earrings and rings.

Preppy fashion style


This style is timeless. Simplicity with a touch of style, impeccable tailoring and clean, straight lines defines what an elegant look is. Classy bags and stunning jewellery makes this style complete. You can wear this style to your office, Sunday brunch or a city shopping trip. This is also called as sophisticated fashion.

Elegant fashion style


This is the hippie and gipsy style of the 70s with long hair, bright-coloured clothing in free and flow exotic bold prints and pattern. It is an effortless, relaxed fashion with loose fitted clothing items and a creative mishmash of elements. You look for chains, fringes and eye-catching accessories. It is more than just a fashion trend, it’s an actual culture.

Bohemian fashion style


Loud, bold and robust. Not everyone can pull this look. The common clothes in this category are  Tshirts with defiant and provocative wordings, fishnet stockings, leather jackets, studded black boots, tight black pants, skater skirt paired with studs, spikes and chains. Dark eyelined eyes, lots of body piercings and tattoos make the look complete. It often inspires aggression, individualism and freedom.

Punk fashion style


If you’re someone who would prefer to keep it simpler over wearing hot pinks and gobs of makeup, you might want to consider trying out the tomboy look. Absolutely no use of frills bows and ribbons and colour pink anywhere 😀 It is more towards masculine clothing and baggy.


Most of the sportswear is made in such a way that is comfortable enough that you can wear anywhere and stretchy enough to be form-fitting and attractive, without losing its shape. Go for leggings, tank tops, sports bras, yoga pants if you want to follow this trend. This is a perfect outfit for travel as it is easy to wear, easy to carry and still stylish.

These are some of the common fashion styles that we see around ourselves. There are a lot more trends that are there. I am more like a casual person and my go to place for shopping is myntra. Do let me know in comments or here which one is your favourite style from the above trends.

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Happy styling 🙂

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