Paleo Diet

A complete guide to Paleo Diet – 001

While I was reading something, I came across this one type of diet known as the “Paleo diet”. Have you heard about it? If not, don’t worry. This article is a basic introduction to the paleo diet and other essential related information. What is it? What are its health benefits? And is it actually something …

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7 Household items to use as gym equipment

7 gym equipment in disguise at your home for a perfect workout

Hey guys, What’s up?? How was Raksha Bandhan for you all ?? Gym equipment Rakhi is just the beginning of the festive season and as well as the beginning of weight gain for many of us (If you have a sweet tooth like me, you can definitely relate :D). The festive season is something where …

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Natural ways to reduce menstrual pain

9 Natural and effective ways to reduce menstrual cramps

Continuing with our last article where we read about PMS(Read here if you haven’t: Pre-Menstrual Syndrome(PMS) 001, we will be talking about menstrual cramps today. I can feel the pain by just writing about it. I am sure you too can relate to it while reading. Menstrual cramps or period pain Menstrual cramps can be …

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