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Ace the Scarf Masks – Your New Go-To-Street style

Lockdown, quarantine, Covid whatever you may call it, this is something which has become part of our life now. This phase will be part of course books and people will be telling stories to their grandsons and granddaughter. Scarf Masks scarf masks Scarf Masks scarf masks We have seen way too many trends in lockdown …

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My favourite kurtis to get ready for this festive season | All under Rs 599

The festive season is almost here. Given the current situation, we might have to celebrate many of these festivals in the upcoming months with minimal contact with the outside and just with our family by staying at home. But the good thing is nobody is stopping us from dressing up. Right? The next big question is to …

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9 Famous Fashion brands turning into making stylish Coronavirus masks

It is said, “We are what we wear”. How we dress up reflects our personality and affect mood, health and overall confidence. If I would have asked what is the first thing that you notice if you meet anyone, some months back, your answer would have been something like their clothes, how they talk etc. …

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