What is your skin type

Know your skin type in 5 simple steps

Do you know what is your skin type ? Oily, Dry, or what?

Everyone’s skin is unique, and the trick to good and healthy skin is knowing your skin type. Be it male or female, everyone must know about their skin type.

The first question that you are asked whenever you buy any skin related product is about your skin type. Many people do not know about it and end up buying the wrong products. It is essential to know your skin texture for your customized daily skincare and for girls to get the best result out of their make-up products. So without any further delay, let us go ahead to know your skin type in five simple steps.

You can do this experiment at any time of the day, but I would suggest you do it as the first thing when you wake-up. Morning is the time when your skin is in most natural form.

Step 1: Wash your face with normal water (no soap, facewash) and let it air dry. Do not use a towel or anything. If you are doing it in the day time, remove all traces of make-up from your face before face wash.

Step 2: Observe your skin after 10-15 mins when your face is completely dry. Check your cheek area using your hand. If you feel the skin is tight or taut and dehydrated it means your skin is dry while if you feel little greasy or shiny, it’s likely that your skin might be oily. Otherwise, your skin is normal.

Step 3: Now to check further, take a tissue paper and fold it in half. Put the folded tissue for 15 sec on your cheek, remove it and check if there is anything on the tissue paper (like some oil etc.). Repeat the steps for forehead, nose and chin.

If the tissue is exactly the same as before you kept it on the face, it means your skin is dry. There is a possibility that you might not find any change when you remove it from cheek, but there is slight moisture, oil when you remove it from forehead, nose and chin. This means your T-Zone might be oily and the rest of the face is dry, i.e. a combination skin type

How to know your skin type

Step 4: Check for pores: Take a mirror and see if you find any pores near the nose or on the cheek area. If your pores are visible but are not large, it means your skin is normal. Take a few steps back from the mirror. If you still see your pores, you have oily skin, and if your pores are not visible at all, you have dry skin.

Step 5: Check for sensitivity: If you find any redness, itchiness or flaky patches on your cheek, or T-Zone after getting up. There is a possibility that your skin might be sensitive. This type of skin texture requires extra care. Do check with a dermatologist before you go for any product.

Tadddaaa..you are done. See how simple it was to know one of the most important things about your body.

Always remember, having a beautiful skin begins with knowing your skin type. I hope now you will be able to determine your skin type. This will not only help you to buy the right products but will save a lot of your money too.

Do let me know in comments or here if you want to know different skincare products for dry and oily skin. Also, I would love to hear your thoughts about this article.

 P.S: Do not forget to eat healthy and drink lots of water for a naturally glowing skin.

Happy reading.

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