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9 Famous Fashion brands turning into making stylish Coronavirus masks

It is said, “We are what we wear”. How we dress up reflects our personality and affect mood, health and overall confidence. If I would have asked what is the first thing that you notice if you meet anyone, some months back, your answer would have been something like their clothes, how they talk etc. But today, the answer is different. We see whether they are wearing a mask or not.

Masks are here to stay with us for long, so why let them bring monotony to our otherwise colourful outfit and let it be something that you are happy wearing and be a narrative of your identity.

Do you know the jeans that we wear today in various styles were designed as a solution when miners were looking for durable workwear. Straight conservative skirt with boxy blazers became a trend when more and more women started to join the professional workforce business in the 1980s. Similarly, coronavirus has introduced us to masks. They are quickly becoming an everyday fashion accessory, giving high-end fashion brands one more area to experiment. Some designers are turning the new necessity into a form of self-expression and are adding a healthy dose of Fashion to the most used and wanted commodity. Also, this is a source of revenue to their otherwise shut business.

Internet is flooded with advertisements from these brands with masks in colourful patterns and prints. Let’s have a look at some of these brands:

Tjori: It is known for apparel, footwear and jewellery. They have produced a kalamkari print mask to complement the Indian wear. The founder of the brand wanted to take mask production beyond the boring white and yellow colours to make them interesting and fun. You can get them on their website or check out their Instagram page.

FabIndia: They are making colourful masks in floral prints and selling a pack of three such non-surgical masks starting from Rs 100 here. They are available in three types- Snug fit, pleated and non-pleated.

Vastrique:  It is an online destination to shop in unique and trendiest fashion products. They started their production of masks in different prints, colour and designs to overcome the loss from this pandemic and pay their workforce. In a very short time, they got a good response. Click here to get check out the latest designs.

Zodiac clothing: They have created an exclusive line of shirts which come with complimentary matching masks. Isn’t this great, you get a free cotton mask with a purchase of a shirt ?? :D. Check out their amazing designs here.

Peter England: The brand has come up with a pack of three and five stylish masks for your professional look. Rush to their website, you all the men and boys out there.

Designer Masks

Voylla: Jaipur based online portal that offers the opportunity to buy exquisite Indian jewellery. They are mostly using the Sanganeri print of Jaipur to bring vibrant colours and prints on the mask. Link to their Instagram and website.

Nitya Bajaj: This Delhi based designer has created masks using the scrap cloth from her factory. She created these masks initially for her team-members and children on the streets to be distributed for free. Now a full range is available for purchase on her site.

Masaba Gupta: One common name in the list of elite designers is Masaba Gupta. With her signature look, masks with happy prints and bright colours are available on her website to purchase. Ms Gupta will be donating one to someone in need for every purchase. Also, you can try on these masks via a filter on the brand’s Instagram page.

Be Awara:  has come with quirky quotes on masks to make a funky style statement. Go check out their website and Instagram for more designs.

Celebrities spotted wearing designers masks:

“Masks are expected to become a habit over the next few months. We are also working on neem and tulsi treated fabrics for Peter England for a greater degree of wellness,” – Vishak Kumar, CEO of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle.

Do let me know in the comments section or here if you like this article and if you are going to try any of these designer masks.

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