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My perfect skin toner:

Who doesn’t love healthy and glowing skin, everyone does! But to have that, you gotta take care of it. People often forget about the skin toner but they are an essential part of your face clean-up to remove all the dirt, pollution and that extra gunk. They are necessary to maintain your skin PH balance and also helps in preventing the pimples and clogged pores.

There are a lot of skin toners available in market for ever skin type. They come in every price range but today I am going to tell how can you make own skin toner at your home with bare minimum products and it works wonders. So here we go

What you will need for a 100 ml bottle

  1. Rosewater – I often use Dabur Gulabari Face cleanser but you can use any rose water.
  2. Vitamin E capsule – You can get it from any medical store.
  3. Tea Tree oil – This is an optional product but very beneficial for healthy skin Organic Harvest
  4. Aloe vera Gel – Any Aloe vera gel will work. The most commonly available is one of Patanjali

Simply take the rose water bottle. Simply add 3 Vitamin E capsules (Cut them to get the content out of it), 3-4 drops of tea tree oil and two tea spoons of aloevera gel directly to the rose water bottle and mix it well.

If you are using the above mentioned rose water, you can directly spray it on your face after face wash. Otherwise use can use cotton to clean your face.

I am using this skin toner for a year now and it has made my skin healthier and also helped in closing my pores. I will suggest you guys give it a try at least and I am sure you will love it. I feel so refreshed after using it.

Let me know in comments or contact if you like this DIY 🙂

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    I will also try it😍

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