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What is a dewy look? 6 simple ways to get a dewy look naturally

There has been a lot of hype going on related to dewy make-up look. The current trend is pointing everybody towards the dewy look, thanks to all youtube vlogs and Instagram selfies. #skingoal. You know, “how to get dewy make-up look” was amongst the top 10 searches in google top beauty-related search. Don’t believe me, go check out yourself here.

If you do not know anything about it, worry not. I will be telling everything about the dewy look from its history to present scenario to how can we get dewy look naturally or by make-up products.

What is a dewy look?

Dewy here refers to the finish that the skin leaves like a dew on the leaves. The skin has an almost moist like( wet look) appearance. Glass skin, luminous, healthy or glowing are the words that can describe a dewy look. It is bright and poreless. This look is also known as honey skin, cloudless skin or yoga skin because the desired glow could be obtained via toners, serums, exfoliants, oils, and moisturizers, along with exercise, plenty of sleep, and a healthy diet.

Dewy looks often start with a lot of moisturizers and natural oils so the skin will reflect light and create that radiance that we just talked about. It gives a young, fresh, innocent and vibrant look. It also provides the appearance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

While that can help soften fine lines and imperfections, it may be too much moisture for people with oily skin who are prone to breakouts. If you’re concerned about excess moisture, consider only adding dewy elements to your eyes or lips.


The Korean wave started the trend of a dewy look. South Korea, known for its beauty standards, took the story of a dewy look to insta its beauty standards have also gained international currency.

The inspiration comes from the Korean beauty trend known as ‘glass skin,’ which basically translates to a poreless, dewy complexion that has been enhanced with a luminesce sheen or finish,” explains celebrity make-up artist, Geoffrey Rodriguez. “Compared to some of the other popular beauty trends such as contouring, or matte skin, which refract light and can look very heavy and artificial in natural daylight, ‘glass skin’ ultimately looks softer and perhaps, therefore, more flattering.

How can we get dewy look naturally?

The main thing to get a dewy look naturally is to focus on skin health. This trend is about caring for your skin until it strobes on its own and you don’t need foundation and primers to fake it. You can include the following to in your skincare routine to get a dewy look naturally:

  1. Use a quality cleanser to remove any dirt from the face
  2. Use hydrating toner: Opt for a toner that’s infused with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, so your skin is left smooth and vibrant
  3. Exfoliate once or twice a week: Exfoliating helps to brighten your skin by removing the buildup of dead skin cells. It also helps your skincare products to absorb into the skin better which gives an extra boost of nutrients, hydration and glow. Check out the latest in exfoliators here
  4. Use face oil or serum: No matter your skin type, a serum is a must. Incorporate a hyaluronic acid-based serum in the morning and at night in your skincare regimen.
  5. Use moisturizer: No skincare is complete without a moisturizer. Experts recommend choosing a moisturizer that sinks right into the skin, leaving it supple and soft, but not oily. Make sure your moisturizer is not giving you a greasy look.
  6.  Hydrating mask once or twice a week: A lot of hydrating masks are available in the market. They not only hydrates your skin but also provides calmness to the skin.
how to get Dewy look
When I tried the dewy make-up look

Dos and Don’ts to get a dewy look from make-up products for an event:

  1. Use a matte primer and not an illuminating one because we need a perfect canvas to get that glowing look
  2. Use an illuminating and lightweight foundation like this one at Nykaa.BB Cream can also work for this look.
  3. Use a damp beauty sponge while applying make-up. It will help the product to go on light and smooth
  4. Use an illuminating powder to lightly dust to set the look
  5. Use products which are shimmery and not glittery
  6. Blend blend and blend well
  7. Do not use setting powder (which will make it look matte and sometimes, even powdery) instead use a face mist that helps lock in the moisture and maintains the glow
  8. Do not use glossy products everywhere. If you are going for dewy skin, make sure that the rest of the make is not too glossy for e.g. keeping the lips and eye matty or natural finish.

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Let me know if you try this look and how did you find this article here or in comments sections.

Happy experimenting 🙂

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