Know your eye shape and the best eyeliner style for you in this 3 minutes read

The eyes tell more than words could ever say! I read it somewhere and I couldn’t agree more. And especially now, when half of our face is already covered with the mask, it is our eyes that are getting all the attention. That’s the only part of the face that’s unaffected. So why not learn …

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Find the right shade of foundation both offline and online in 1 simple step

Why does the colour of my face and neck look so different from each other? Why am I looking so white? why am I looking so dark and dull? Why does my makeup look so patchy and unnatural? One simple answer to the above questions is finding the right shade of foundation according to your …

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5 + 1 (Bonus) super affordable makeup dupes of luxury brands

There is no denial in the fact that most of us love luxury makeup products but sometimes our pocket doesn’t allow that and especially if you have many other expenses to take care. So what to do in that situation? That’s when makeup dupes come into the picture. What are makeup dupes? Makeup dupes are …

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Finding the right primer for your skin – 1st step to a perfect make-up base

Do you often face problems with your make products like the foundation don’t stay or become cracky, or your pores become enlarged with makeup and your skin looks patchy? The solution to all the above problems is the right primer for your skin. What is a primer? Priming your face is the first and most …

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What is your skin undertone? Know it in 5 minutes with easy hacks!

Are you someone who thinks skin tone and skin undertone are just the same thing or are you even one who is coming across the word undertone for the first time. Worry not, today we will be solving all the mysteries related to undertone. Tell me how often does it happen to you, that you …

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What is a dewy look? 6 simple ways to get a dewy look naturally

There has been a lot of hype going on related to dewy make-up look. The current trend is pointing everybody towards the dewy look, thanks to all youtube vlogs and Instagram selfies. #skingoal. You know, “how to get dewy make-up look” was amongst the top 10 searches in google top beauty-related search. Don’t believe me, …

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The ultimate guide to Sunscreen – Misconceptions and 6 FAQs

I know you must be wondering why am I even talking about something which is not all relevant (according to some of you) at this point of time. I understand It’s been a while since we have actually gone out in the sun and looking at the current condition we don’t even know how long …

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5 Different types of lipstick you should know about!

I didn’t know what is a matte lipstick till my college. I am pretty sure there are plenty of girls out there who are as confused as I was about the different types of lipsticks and which one to use when. Lipsticks are a part of our daily life, but little do we know about …

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Gender-Neutral Products – The next big thing in the beauty industry

Do you believe in gender-neutrality? There is nothing hidden in the fact that we are taught to recognize specific colours, toys, products as feminine and others masculine. Think of the products like black, grey-coloured, pine-scented deodorants versus pastel-coloured, flowery smelled or dark navy coloured razors versus the pink ones. A product is a product, it’s …

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Know your skin type in 5 simple steps

Do you know what is your skin type ? Oily, Dry, or what? Everyone’s skin is unique, and the trick to good and healthy skin is knowing your skin type. Be it male or female, everyone must know about their skin type. The first question that you are asked whenever you buy any skin related …

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