Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting 101

Who says losing weight needs to be boring? Certainly not, we have something new for you, Intermittent fasting (IF) – latest in the health and fitness department!! BTW, it was the most “trendiest” weight loss term last year!! What is Intermittent Fasting?? Let us not confuse it with any sort of dieting plans you might …

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TV Series

11 Best TV Series To Binge-Watch In This Quarantine

Stuck at home and struggling with what to watch during the Coronavirus pandemic? Search no more. Here is a list of T.V. series you can binge-watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime Band of brothers: It is a 10 part miniseries based on the book written by the late Stephen E Ambrose. The miniseries are based …

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My perfect skin toner: Who doesn’t love healthy and glowing skin, everyone does! But to have that, you gotta take care of it. People often forget about the skin toner but they are an essential part of your face clean-up to remove all the dirt, pollution and that extra gunk. They are necessary to maintain …

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Beautiful Magnetic Eyelashes

What are magnetic eyelashes?? According to google, Magnetic lashes will be on number 1 in top-selling products in make-up and beauty 2020 #lashlife The growing trends like lash extension, eyelash growth serums, lengthening mascara etc. surely tells our obsession with the eyelashes and hence the new entry in the market “Magnetic Eyelashes.” Well, it’s okay …

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