Gender-Neutral Products – The next big thing in the beauty industry

Do you believe in gender-neutrality? There is nothing hidden in the fact that we are taught to recognize specific colours, toys, products as feminine and others masculine. Think of the products like black, grey-coloured, pine-scented deodorants versus pastel-coloured, flowery smelled or dark navy coloured razors versus the pink ones. A product is a product, it’s …

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What is your skin type

Know your skin type in 5 simple steps

Do you know what is your skin type ? Oily, Dry, or what? Everyone’s skin is unique, and the trick to good and healthy skin is knowing your skin type. Be it male or female, everyone must know about their skin type. The first question that you are asked whenever you buy any skin related …

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PMS 001

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) 001

This week was not so productive for me. Ms Flow visited me, and most of the week went by struggling with her. I was crying like anything for the first three days, even on the smallest things that were happening around me. I know you have got nothing to do with this all, so why …

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