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Ace the Scarf Masks – Your New Go-To-Street style

Lockdown, quarantine, Covid whatever you may call it, this is something which has become part of our life now. This phase will be part of course books and people will be telling stories to their grandsons and granddaughter. Scarf Masks scarf masks Scarf Masks scarf masks

We have seen way too many trends in lockdown be it Dalgona in food or people draping blankets as dresses in fashion.  Our face-covering journey too has evolved since early March when the salient challenge was simply procuring a mask.

The new normal – Face Masks

The first must-have look of the “new normal” doesn’t have a designer label or a hefty price tag. In fact, you probably already have what you need in a drawer somewhere. And then we drifted slowly to more breathable cotton masks compared to the surgical masks because realization suddenly donned upon us that we don’t have to look boring during this lockdown and our masks don’t have to be either. And now this face-covering necessity is becoming a stylish part of our ensemble. 

The scarf masks are the next big thing!!  In solid!!s and prints, Silk scarves can totally be worn as face coverings, as the fabric is proven to keep others safe while adding a punch to your outfit. Natural materials with tight weaves — including silk, high thread count cotton, and flannel — are effective in filtering out particles, as long as they are worn correctly, proves a study by researchers at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory.  

While face masks have become essential in everyday life thanks to the pandemic, influencers like Olivia Palermo have found the best and straightforward solution in these elegant little pieces of silk fabric—full of colors and prints—the perfect way to keep their looks fashionable without sacrificing safety. The style influencer has been sharing tips on how to style the new trend of the scarf masks with her fans on her brand’s website and via social media. In addition to posting scarf masks tutorial on Instagram stories, she’s been keeping her fans inspired with her styling tips under #styledbyOP.

Palermo’s multi-colored scarf masks pop against her all black and white look. The former accessories editor has been giving fans style tips when it comes to effortlessly incorporate 2020’s most important accessory. Olivia Palermo wrote on her website: “Color-blocking in black and white became the perfect canvas for a graphic scarf, snake print bag, and my go-to Roger Vivier lace-up shoes. If you are looking to refresh a summery dress, too,  I promise this outfit idea is super versatile and easy to try!” 

Not just Olivia Palermo,  this trend of wearing scarf masks can be seen on everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Amber Heard, this aesthetic and virus-preventing statement is a win-win. The fashion benefits of a good scarf are more apparent; for decades they’ve served as an easy way to spice up a boring outfit. But their renewed relevance as scarf masks is exciting. 

The texture of silk has long been known and loved for its added health and beauty benefits. Silk’s natural weave is super breathable, cutting down on oil production as compared to heavier fabrics when worn against the skin. Silk also glides across the hair to keep it from frizzing or creasing. The texture has been used in similar products for years, including pillowcases and scrunchies for sleeping in. In fact, the scarf masks will be a great alternative for those raising environmental concerns about the landfill impact of surgical and other masks. 

Celebrities wearing the silk scarf mask

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Parker Silk scarf masks
Olivia Parker Silk scarf masks
Olivia Palermo out and about on Aug. 8, 2020.
Olivia Parker Silk scarf masks
Olivia Palermo walks her dog in a Moncler jacket, silk scarf mask and Almeda Turquesa sneakers.
Olivia Parker Silk scarf masks
Olivia Palermo pairs Roger Vivier boots and a blue print look with her silk scarf used as a face mask

Amber Heard

Amber Heard Silk scarf masks
Amber Heard arriving for a court appearance.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Silk Scarf Masks
Sarah Jessica Parker at SJP Collection Boutique, New York

The scarf-mask is the status accessory of 2020. All you need is a square of fabric folded in half corner-to-corner to make a triangle and wrap it tightly around your face from the bridge of your nose, securing at the back of your head. 

If you want to adopt this trend, however, it is important to note that it is ideal to use on natural materials such as silk and cotton, because these are fabrics that retain fewer germs than others. The study also found that wearing multiple layers of different materials wielded the best results. The lightweight fabric of cotton/linen is more breathable and cooler when it comes to a silk scarf. 

However I am want to give a warning that in no way Scarves, kerchiefs, and bandanas provide the same level of protection as an N95 respirator—if they did doctor’s attire would be very different—but they offer a layer of defense that is infinitely better than walking around barefaced.

Their bright color and bold patterns make an accessory that is not just right for this moment, but essential. Do let me know what do you think of this new trend in the comments or here. Also, you can check out my this article:9 Famous Fashion brands turning into making stylish Coronavirus masks to know brands who are making trendy face masks.

Keep trending!!

Silk Scarf Masks @Missheadtotoe
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